Our Wedding Party

Maid of Honor                         Maria Weigel, sister of the bride

Bridesmaids                            Ellen Weigel, sister of the bride

                                                Lisa Blankman, friend of the bride

                                                Kelli Hahn, friend of the bride

                                                Parinaz Kajouee, cousin of the bride

                                                Jennifer Koors, friend of the bride

                                                Sara Stier, friend of the bride

Best Man                                 Joe Bredewater, friend of the groom

Groomsmen                            Eric Klosterkemper, brother of the groom

                                                Brett Coy, friend of the groom

                                                Craig Koors, friend of the groom

                                                Mark Puckett, friend of the groom

                                                Tyler Schmid, friend of the groom

                                                Eric Weigel, brother of the bride

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